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Episode 268: Fourteen August

August 15th, 2014

Orson Welles stars in this play written by Norman Corwin for the day of victory. Original Air Date: August 14, 1945 Click here to add to Itunes.

CBS Special by Norman Corwin looks back at VE Day: Who we defeated, what it costs, what we learned, and how another war can be avoided. Original Air Date: May 13, 1945 Click here to add to Itunes.

A soldier gets a two day pass on the Fourth of July and visits his family and sweetheart. From Columbia Workshop. Original Air Date: July 4, 1944 Click here to add to Itunes.

Episode 133: Cromer

March 31st, 2014

Norman Corwin examines how life has changed during the war in the Small English town of Cromer. Original Air Date: December 1, 1942 Click here to add to Itunes.

Episode 071: This is War

January 27th, 2014

A joint production of all networks laying out the state of America in war from the series, This is War.  Original Air Date:  February 14, 1942 Click here to add to Itunes.

Episode 027: We Hold These Truths

December 15th, 2013

A celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Bill of Right broadcast across all radio networks and featuring an all-star cast including Jimmy Stewart, Orson Welles, and Edward G. Robinson. Original Air Date: December 15, 1941  

Episode 016: The Appointment

December 2nd, 2013

In this episode of the Columbia Workshop, a man escapes from a concentration camp with revenge on his mind. From 26 by Corwin.  Original Air Date: June 1, 1941

A reflection on Thanksgiving in the midst of war and suffering in 1941 from 26 by Corwin. Original Air Date: November 9, 1941

In this adaptation of the book of Esther for the Columbia Workshop, events parallel 1940s Europe. From the Columbia Workshop-26 by Corwin. Original Air Date: August 17, 1941