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Lum and Abner try to go to Washington to share a synthetic rubber formula with the government and find themselves park bench sages. From Screen Guild Theatre. Original Air Date:  March 12, 1945 Lum and Abner rehearse a play about the need for Merchant Marines. Original Air Date:  October 5, 1944   Click here to add to […]

The Office of War Information presents a program explaining gas rationing. Features Eddie Cantor, Jack Benny, Dinah Shore, and George Burns and Gracie Allen.  Original Air Date: December 1, 1942 Lum ‘n Abner talk gas rationing after discussing their latest fiasco with Squire.  Original Air Date: November 19, 1942 Click here to add to Itunes.

Lum ‘n Abner host two episodes of the AFRS program Melody Roundup.  Click here to add to Itunes.

A speech by Winston Churchill from the White House on Christmas Eve 1941 Amos puts his daughter to bed on Christmas Eve in this class Amos ‘n Andy Christmas story. Original Air Date: December 24, 1941 Lum, Abner, and Grandpappy Spears come bearing gifts to a stable where a child has been born to a […]

Daddy has become an air raid warden but wants to shield Baby Snooks.  Original Air Date: December 18, 1941 Rush is helping organize a scrap drive on Vic and Sade. Original Air Date:  April 6, 1942 While Grandpappy Spears tries to teach Abner to dance, Lum wants to send birthday cards to Pine Ridge servicement. […]