About Our Podcast

About the Show:

The War is a limited edition old time radio podcast that will bring you the story of World War II through radio broadcasts including news programs, documentaries, dramas, music, and comedy. The podcast will begin on November 11, 2013 and will conclude August 17, 2014.

It will air Monday-Friday from November 11th-28th and for the rest of the series seven days a week.  Programs will be often be themed around events such as the pre-war era, Thanksgiving, Pearl Harbor, Black participation in the War, D-Day, and V-E Day.

The program is dedicated to the Greatest Generation: To those who fought, to those who died, and those who fought the war on the home front.


About Your Host:

Adam Graham is host of two other Old Time Radio podcasts:  Great Detectives of Old Time Radio (add to Itunes, The Old Time Radio Superman (add to Itunes). He formerly hosted  The Old Time Dragnet Show (add to Itunes from 2007-2013 covering all existing radio episodes of the program.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you about your thoughts on the  Podcast.  We’d particularly love hearing about you or your loved one’s experiences of the war. We may read them on the air or post them on the blog.