Schedule: Weeks 1 and 2

Posted November 8th, 2013 by admin

Since the war has an eclectic mix of shows, I decided to do a regular schedule to let you know what you’d hear ahead of time:

Week One:

We’ll be focusing on opposition to war in the era between the World Wars and some of its causes:

Episode 001: Speech by Herbert Hoover, excerpts from Chase and Sanborn Hour re-enactment of scenes from All’s Quiet on the Western Front with Clark Gable, and an episode of Secret Agent K-7.

Episode 002: An episode of Intrigue called, “Satan Was a Salesman.”

Episode 003: The Lux Radio Theatre Presentation of A Farewell to Arms. 

Episode 004: A double feature of anti-war plays from The Columbia Workshop, “Bury the Dead” and “Nine Prisoners.”

Episode 005: The Arch Oboler Play,  “The Ways of Men: Past, Present, and Future” plus a few thoughts from Winston Churchill warning of Nazi Germany in 1934.

Week Two:

(The episodes this week are all just under an hour.)

Episode 006 and 007: Talks about some key developments in the war in 1940 with the aid of the public affairs program America Looks Abroad. Also some comments from FDR and Winston Churchill in 006.

Episodes 008-010:  In 1941, before America entered the war, Superman was battling (thinly-veiled Nazis) on radio illustrating a key shift from earlier when such battling would have been taboo.

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