Episode 006: American Look Abroad

Posted November 18th, 2013 by admin

In this episode we hear from President Roosevelt on America’s Neutrality. (September 1, 1939) and Prime Minister Churchill speaks during the battle of France (June 18, 1940)

Then we listen to three episodes of the American Foreign policy news show,  America Looks Abroad from January 28, June 16, and  September 22, 1940

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2 Responses to “Episode 006: American Look Abroad”

  1. Joel baumwoll


    I enjoy your podcasts, but must register my distaste for the theme music you chose for The War. It sounds like a grade B cowboys and Indians movie from the 1950s.

    Please consider changing it.


  2. Brian


    I have been trying to find your new podcast in the iTunes store, but it doesn’t come up when I search. Any idea where I can go to subscribe? I have an iPhone5.



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