We take a look at two anti-war episodes of the Columbia Workshop.

First, a group of dead soldiers refused to be buried in this adaptation of the play, “Buy the Dead.” (Original Air Date:  May 28, 1938)

Then, a Captain in World War I orders the executive of unarmed prisoners to save time in “Nine Prisoners”. (Original Air Date: February 20, 1939)

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One Response to “Episode 004: The Reluctant Warriors, Part Four: The Columbia Workshop”

  1. Lanny R Carlson

    Thank you for sharing these broadcasts! “Bury the dead is a sobering reminder of the ultimate cost of war, and ought to be played any time we are tempted to consider armed conflict as a “solution” to our problems. And whether or not the actual event described in “Nine Prisoners”happened or not, war itself is atrocity and often brings out the worst in human nature – who can ever forget My Lai? Thanks again for sharing. Grace and peace, brother!